STAR Program® Certification

At Oncology Rehab Partners, our flagship certification is STAR Program® Certification.  STAR Program Certification consists of an evidence-based education and training program that hospitals and cancer centers offer to their administrative and clinical staff in order to quickly and expertly develop superior oncology rehabilitation services.

Oncologists at our STAR Program certified sites are very enthusiastic about the program.  Recently Joy Hilliard, MD, a radiation oncologist, stated, “We find the STAR Program has been a huge success with our oncology patients.  They give glowing remarks about how their issues were addressed in a comprehensive way and feel empowered to take control of their lives once again.  We also have found this program to be a marketing distinction for our hospital’s survivorship program. I look forward to the day that survivorship is a cornerstone in every cancer center.”

To make the STAR Program Certification quick and easy to implement we have created a three phase process:

Phase 1 — Training

Phase 1 is the training component and includes the 10 STAR Program Training Modules and in-services conducted by your staff outlined by us.  We recommend having someone at your site coordinate this training process.

The 10 STAR Program Training Modules are completed online.  For the in-services, you may invite any administrative or clinical staff members who are participating in the STAR Program Certification process.  We recommend that all of the core clinical staff members who are completing the STAR Program Training Modules also attend the in-services.

There are also many additional STAR Program Training Modules available once the facility has become STAR Program Certified.  These modules are focused on providing additional information and case studies that expand beyond the original 10 STAR Program Training Modules.

Phase 2 — Implementation

Phase 2 is the implementation phase and consists of the evaluation and treatment protocols provided in the STAR Program Certification Manual.  The STAR Program Certification Manual is a comprehensive cancer rehabilitation reference guide that includes physical and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment protocols.  Once Phase 1 (training) is completed, your staff will be ready to implement these protocols and function as an interdisciplinary oncology rehabilitation team.  When your site completes Phases 1 and 2, your program is ready to receive the STAR Program Certification.  Additionally, a key element to completing Phase 2 is implementing the referral process throughout the STAR Program organization.  Each STAR Program is assigned a STAR Program Liaison and STAR Implementation and Outcomes Coordinator to help on the implementation phase and to continue helping each STAR Program continually throughout the year.

Phase 3 — Outcomes, Recertification, and Continuing Education

Phase 3 is the outcomes, recertification, and continuing education phase.  In this phase, the STAR Clinicians and STAR Providers who become certified at each STAR Program will complete 3 STAR Program Training Modules annually.  These modules insure that your staff remains up to date and continues to increase their knowledge base.