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Eight Massachusetts Healthcare Facilities Join in Statewide Cancer Rehab Initiative

The 345,000 cancer survivors living in Massachusetts will soon have increased access to crucial rehabilitation services to help them heal from cancer treatments, thanks to a new statewide initiative launched in collaboration with Oncology Rehab Partners and The Friends of Mel Foundation. The initiative’s goal is to establish cancer rehabilit read more »

How to become STAR Clinician Certified?

The STAR Clinician® Certification is internationally recognized as the finest training in oncology rehabilitation. Developed by rehabilitation experts with extensive experience in oncology, becoming STAR Clinician Certified provides you with unparalleled training in cancer rehabilitation. Building on your current expertise, becoming a STAR Cli read more »

What is the STAR Program University?

STAR Program® University provides comprehensive training in cancer rehabilitation for current and future healthcare professionals who are enrolled in an accredited university or other institution–including allied health students, medical students, physiatry and oncology residents/fellows and others. STAR Program University courses provid read more »

About the STAR Program Certification Process

At Oncology Rehab Partners, our flagship certification is STAR Program® Certification.  STAR Program Certification consists of an evidence-based education and training program that hospitals and cancer centers offer to their administrative and clinical staff in order to quickly and expertly develop superior oncology rehabilitation service read more »