What is the STAR Program® Connection

The STAR Program Connection was created to bring healthcare professionals together to allow them to network and share ideas. This exciting initiative consists of:

  1. STAR Program Alliance Research Kickstart (SPARK)
  2. STAR Program Connection Forum
  3. STAR Program Connection Conference
  4. STAR Program Strength In Numbers

SPARK (STAR Program Alliance Research Kickstart)

A new & evolving resource center for STAR Programs. Designed to serve as a unique resource center to help your team efficiently and effectively publish research.

STAR Program Connection Conference

All professionals from facilities that have signed up for the STAR Program are invited to this multidisciplinary meeting, with presentations on a wide variety of topics relating to cancer rehabilitation service-line implementation and ongoing development. This exciting conference will provide the latest healthcare information as well as opportunities to network and share ideas.

Strength In Numbers

Strength in Numbers is an exciting new campaign for all STAR Programs to help decrease the gap between the evidence based need for cancer rehabilitation and the delivery of these services to survivors. Our 12-week “boot camp”, presented through six bimonthly webinars, offers step-by-step strategies to increase referrals to rehabilitation and improve cancer care.

STAR Program Connection Forum

The STAR Program Connection Forum is a secure password protected forum available to all STAR Clinicians/Providers. The site will allow for the sharing of ideas, suggestions and best practices. Users will be able to connect directly to healthcare professionals from other STAR Programs and ask them questions.